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Makes Me Go Panda by Naariel
by Naariel

Overall, I really like this! The technique in the hair, shading, and the feathering around the panda's eyes is beautiful. I gave you a ...

I always feel so accomplished when I type with long fingernails.

clack clack clickitty clack


I helped my dad with a fundraiser (for mentally disabled kids) a few days ago and experienced a lovely roller coaster of feelings towards humanity.  I sat alone in front of a Vons, smiling and waving at the cars that drove by and saying hello and goodbye to people as they walked in and out.  I don't ask for donations, but everyone knows why I'm here.  The eye sore of an apron I wear makes sure all within 3 miles know where I am, too.

The best scary costume for Halloween would be that great big yellow Knights of Columbus apron and goofy smile of mine because 90% of people refused to look at me and practically ran by.  At first I was hurt, but then laughed.  It was seriously funny watching these full grown adults power walk away while their kids stared in horror.

Keep in mind this is a Vons, a pricey grocery store.  Most of the cars were BMWs and Mercedes (plus one Porsche convertible).  And it was in a nice area of the town.  

I know people avoid solicitors because they feel guilty for not helping or are worried that they're being scammed.  Hell, I do it to, and honestly, I usually don't donate.

But I am not a good person.  I don't hold myself to the same standard I judge other people by, and boy am I judgmental.  I also shop at Walmart, not Vons.

No roller coaster goes straight down, though.  The people who did donate really touched my heart.  Even if they didn't want to look me in the eye as they dropping in a dollar and sprinted away, I appreciate the fact that they pulled out their money while in the store and actually thought about it.  Then there was the girl who worked in the bakery department.  She gave me a dollar on her way in and even better, was super sweet (heh heh bakery pun).  And the kids.

There were these three punk kids, probably 13 years old.  When they went in one asked his buddies if they had any change but kept walking.  I could hear them messing around in the store, every time they set off the door sensor (tbh I was worried they'd get kicked out).

But on their way out they had a fistful of coins for me and as they were about to flee, I called them back and gave them each a tootsie-roll.  I guess they didn't know I give candy to those who donate because they got this surprised and then glowing look on their little punk faces.  I didn't know anyone actually liked these things, but seeing them donate without expecting anything in return made my day.

I'm still silently judging everyone who walks by without saying hi.
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